League Rules

    1. The rules for the League for 2022 are as follows.


    1. The League will consist of two Leagues A & B with teams as equal in number as possible. These separate Leagues, A & B will play singles match play with a team of 12 players each. The handicap limit for each team is 24. The players should be listed on the team sheet in handicap order so that players play against players of a similar ability. The only exception to this rule is if the arrival time of two players means one is kept waiting and agreed by both captains on the day.


    1. In Leagues A & B each club will play each other once per season, either home or away, depending on the draw. Every third Year there will be a RE-DRAW of the Leagues – 4 Teams from League A will be drawn to play in League B and 4 Teams from League B will be drawn to play in League A.


    1. The home club is to reserve the tee from 16:00 – 17:45hrs. Matches can go out early, if space is available, but the match can be claimed if either player is not there by 17:45. Both team captains (if they agree) can use their discretion.


    1. Dress to conform to hosts club rules. Currently all clubs specify smart casual


    1. Matches must be played on the same evening at one club. The catering arrangements are to be handled by the home club.


    1. A MANDATORY match fee of £12.50 is to be paid by each player in each match.


    1. All matches to be played from the competition tees and they are to consist of 18 holes singles match play with full difference in handicap, strokes to be taken as the stroke index of the course being played indicates. Ladies play off the ladies’ tees and gent’s card and receive an addition to their handicap of the difference between the ladies & gents SSS. Shots are to be taken by the person on the course they are playing on, i.e., off the red Stroke Index if being taken by a lady and off the white SI if being taken by a man.


    1. TEAM SHEETS MUST BE AVAILABLE AT THE VENUE ON THE MATCH DAY NO LATER THAN 16:00 (electronically, if you can’t get there), so that unnecessary waiting around is avoided. Home Club representatives should contact the visiting Club Representative at least two clear days prior to the Match date and confirm numbers.


    • All players must arrive at the match venue before 17:45hrs, failing to comply will give the player’s opponent an option to either play or claim the game. Note: Rule 6 applies in this case. Meals provided must be paid for.


    • Any club not having paid their subs by 1st May, their team points will not count until the subs are paid, and only thereafter.


    • The responsibility for the completion and advising the Hon Sec of the results rests with the Home Club. The completed score sheet should be signed by both team captains and sent to the Hon Sec without delay. If sent electronically, the originals should be retained until the end of season.


    • A player may play for a team based on home OR away handicap, but only one club per season, designated by the first club played for.


    • Points will be awarded for individual games, 12 points per match to be divided between the two teams based on:
      1. 2 points for a win, 1 point for a half, 0 for a loss

    Bonus Points are also awarded to each team’s match result on the following basis

    1. 4 points for an away win, 3 points for an away draw,
    • 2 points for a home win, 1 point for a home draw


    • In the event of both clubs fielding less than a full team, no points will be awarded for the matches not played. In the event of one club not fielding a full team, they will concede two points to the other team for each missing player.


    • If one club cannot field a team at all, then their opponents will be awarded their rounded average score (including bonus points) for that match after their remaining matches have been played. If a team is unable to play 50% or more of their fixtures, then all their results will be null and void.


    • When an amateur plus handicap player meets a Professional, he plays off scratch. If professionals from each club play each other and do not have a current handicap, then they will play off scratch. In general, juniors playing should be no younger than 16.


    • Fixtures are to be arranged at an AGM to be held in November each year. No fixtures to be after 31st July. This allows for matches having to be postponed due to inclement weather.


    • The Formula for the Leagues Play-offs is as follows. Players from each team would have had to play at least 2 league matches to qualify to play in the semi-finals or final.


    For the Kinder Cup

    1. League A Div. 1 winners will play League B Div. 1 runners-up
    2. League A Div. 1 runners-up will play League B Div.1 winners
    • League winners can choose home or away venue.
    1. The winners of each semi-final will play the final at the nominated club hosting the Play Off finals.


    The High Peak Trophy

    1. This will be played for on Trophy Day, previously known as All Finals Day. The format will be as follows. Each club can enter one team of 4. They will be split into 2 pairs and a random draw will be held to allocate starting tees. They will play better ball stableford with the scores from each pair being added together. The winning team will receive the High Peak Trophy. Where a club enters more than one team, they must nominate their chosen team.


    • The play-offs will be at the chosen venue on a date and at a time agreed at the previous AGM with meals available. It is desirable that All-finals day will be at the same venue and be a Shotgun Start, on a date and time agreed at the previous AGM.


    • It was decided that prizes were to be awarded, at the conclusion of the playoffs, to the runners up as well as the winners. The prizes were to be the same (whisky glasses) for both, but the winners would have “winning team member” and runners up would have “finalist”; as before 15 glasses per team of 12. The extra three glasses allocated by the respective team captain


    • The Leagues Bonus Point System will not apply to the Play-Offs. In the event of a Tie in either Play-Off, the result is to be decided by the first person named on both team sheets going out again in a sudden death playoff. This playoff is to start at the first tee.


    • The administration of the league will rest with a committee consisting of one representative from each club. Each club has only one vote on the committee; The Hon. Secretary if not representing a Club may have the casting vote. Clubs may, if they wish, send more than one representative to meetings.


    • Any disagreements between the clubs will be settled by the committee, at a meeting called specially for that purpose.


    • Club subscriptions are set at £40